The Hog Wild Chronicles is a project following a family of pyrotechnicians based in Arkansas.

Every year, around 4th of July, (name)’s children come back home to help set up a few shows in the area of (area). (Mom’s name) first opened the business in (year), when she (story). Her and her partner (name), who joined (or opened with?) also work with a regular team of friends and pyrothechics’ students and specialists.

Lauren, (name) daughter’s “Quote” on coming back every year. (Talk about the fact that it is hard to come back as they all have their own lives across the US and it feels required but it is also hard not to be a part of it. Ask about mentioning older brother (?) who does not wish to join anymore or the fact that the original team seems top have dispersed.

Ask to talk to Lauren’s mom on the phone.