In early 2016 I was welcomed as a resident artist at HOF and Surface Art´s space in Bangkok to develop a project about the infamous nightlife of the city, focusing more specifically on its ambiguous tourism industry.

As wild as Bangkok can get, the balance between local life and tourism is one oddly well managed. In the Thai community there is a profound sense of respect and acceptance for all individuals, very much anchored to their spiritual devotion. For most "Farangs" (foreigners) who adopted the land, this is a well known way of life. Those less aware will be sorely disappointed, dare they misconduct. Experiencing Bangkok by night was unsettling at times but more so very intriguing. I found that there was always some serenity to witness within the overwhelming chaos of even the most controversial of places. It is the way I wished to portray my explorations. From joining the party crowds in never-ending, music-pumping, alcohol-flowing streets to getting enthusiastically lost, to spending time with ladyboys in go-go clubs, I visited many corners of the city and photographed what called. 

I left with a feeling of deep gratefulness to have had such an opportunity and am humbled to have been accepted, for a little while, as part of Bangkok´s artist community. I met and collaborated with wonderful people who helped me open some doors that may have been kept shut, had I been a single wanderer in the rumbling belly of the City of Angels.